Throat Chakra

Element: Sound

Colour: Bright Blue

Verb: I Speak 

Attributes: Sound, communication, and creativity. 


The fifth chakra is located in the region of the neck and the shoulders. Its colour is turquoise blue, mixing the deep indigo of the sixth chakra with the green of the fourth. 

Traditional, the element associated with this ether or spirit as well as the element of sound. It is important to note that in Hinduism, where the philosophy of the chakras originates, there is a belief that the world is made up of sound and that everything has its own unique sound or more basically, vibration. From sound, we get communication and this function and activity of this chakra. Communicating is how we describe the world – without going into the depths of an English Language module I studied last year; we symbolise our surroundings by the language we use to understand it. We think in words as well images and sensory memory. 

Ideally, the fifth chakra should be connected to the self and to all the other chakras above and below. It should take into account both the visions of the mind and the feelings from the physical body. Because it is associated with sound and communication, the issues that arise when tj=his chakra is too open or closed also affect this aspect of our lives. Communication involves both listening and speaking – if the chakra is too closed, we may feel anxious about expressing ourselves and voicing our opinion, on the other hand, if it is too open, we may find ourselves a little too ready to voice our opinions and therefore not give others a chance. 


Exercise for The Throat Chakra

As this chakra is associated with sound and vibrations, it makes sense that this exercise involves making some noise and a good place to start is chanting. I’ve recently joined a choir and a chanting exercise was one of the first things I was told to do. I felt a little silly at first, making strange humming sounds in a room full of strangers but if everyone is doing it, it doesn’t feel quite so odd. The sound for this chakra is ‘ee’ as in ‘free’. I’d suggest grounding yourself, as before and concentrating on your breathing first. Then if you feel comfortable, try the ‘ee’ sound as you exhale.  

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