Third Eye Chakra

Element: Light

Colour: Indigo

Verb: I See 

Attributes: Clairvoyance, memory, dreams, vision. 


This chakra is the centre for psychic and intuitive perception. It is the place where we store our memories and dreams. Its name, Ajna means ‘to perceive’. As the words shape our world, the images we hold in our minds also influence events in our lives. It is the age old theory of what we think coming into a physical manifestation. 

The element associated with this chakra is light. Light allows us to understand the world in all its splendour. The pineal gland is associated with this chakra and although the actually function of it is still a bit of a mystery =, it has often been linked to the visions that often occur when in a meditative state. 

This chakra represents the information we receive internally, a key example of this is in our dreams, when asleep – the outside world cannot interrupt and therefore our consciousness is allowed free reign as it were to give us the information we require for our waking lives. 

It is important that although opening this chakra on a deep level while enhance the psychic perception and all that comes with this, there is also the possibility of it becoming overpowering and therefore hallucinations and confusion can occur in some people. I think it is up to the individual to gage when enough is enough, if you do feel overwhelmed, return to the grounding exercise, centre yourself back into the earth by again imagining the energy flowing down your body and into roots that attach you to the ground. This said, as we become more aware and we use our intuition more, it can be very useful, for example, when we get that feel of ‘just knowing’. As you develop this, you will find that you get this feeling moiré often until it becomes a second nature. I believe that everyone has this within but as we get older the physical world gets in the way so we sometimes have to remind ourselves of this aspect of our beings. 


Exercise for The Third Eye Chakra 

A good exercise to develop this chakra and at the same time, balancing the others is to visualise filling the part of your body with the colour that corresponds to that chakra. Either start at the bottom or the top (I’d suggest the bottom) but the main this is not to start halfway and go through each chakra area in turn, flooding that area of your body in the relevant light.   

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