Solar Plexus Chakra

Element: Fire

Colour: Yellow

Verb: I Can 

Attributes: Power, will, energy, and transformation. 


This chakra is location at the solar plexus – this is where you get the butterfly feeling when anxious or powerless (for me this is quite frequent). Its element is fire – fire that radiates and transforms, giving liught and warmth. This chakra represents the aspect of ourselves that spurs us on – our person power. The name Manipura means ‘lustrous gem’. It could be likened to little sun, radiating within us (I quite like this analogy). 

Digestive troubles, diabetes and addictions are all related to the malfunction of the third chakra. We can find out how well this chakra is functioning by looking at the physical body, for example tight or hardened stomachs could be an indication of a deficiency in this chakra. Other clues could be if you are often cold – this chakra is often thought of as heat centre of the body and therefore if it isn’t working quite as well as it should be – the result may be feeling cold a lot. 

A healthy balance in this chakra could be likened to that of a warrior, the warrior is strong and powerful and assertive but only when the timing is right. This chakra enables us to be powerful without overpowering others or becoming dominating. If the chakra is too open – a person might become a little too controlling and might actually feel as though they must be in a position of authority over other people. 

This chakra is associated with being active and therefore a good way to get it working is to be go for run or if (like me), you aren’t really into ‘going for a run’, try shouting or singing at the top of your voice (just make sure it isn’t at stupid O’ Clock) – anything that helps you release that energy and loosen up. The following exercise may also be helpful. 


Exercise for the Solar Plexus

Stand with feet firmly on the ground, knees slightly bent, heels about two feet apart. Arch your back slightly; raise your arms above you head. Then in a rapid movement – swing your arms down to your knees (as if you are taking a very exaggerated bow). Repeat a few times. 

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