sacral chakra

Element: Water

Colour: Orange

Verb: I feel, I want 

Attributes: Movement, sexuality, emotion, pleasure 


For the root chakra, we thought about the earth and grounding and unity. The second chakra moves from this into a different dimension. In this chakra, we encounter change – the singularity of the previous chakra is contrasted with the duality of the seat of life chakra.  This chakra is centered in the lower abdomen and corresponds to the sacral vertebrae (hence why it is sometimes known as the sacral chakra). 

The element is water and therefore the chakra is associated with bodily functions to do with liquid; the circulation, the urinary system. This chakra is believed to be the centre of the emotions, sexuality, and pleasure. Like water, it is ruled by the tides and our emotions. 

The Sankrit names for the second chakra; Svadhisthana means ‘sweetness’. Sweetness in our desires and the pleasures we experience. If this chakra is too open, it is possible to feel as though everyone else’s emotions are overpowering your own or that you are not balancing your own emotions very well. Particularly in the case of other people’s emotions – it is really important to know how to protect yourself and to stop other people having a negative influence on you in this way. A good example of how this might happen is, for example, you have a friend that is going through a really rough patch; you want to support them but sometimes feel that their negative thoughts or experiences are having an adverse affect on you. The following exercise is one I always try and do, especially if I know that I might be a risk from negative energies but also it is a good exercise generally as it means you are protected from distant or passing negativity. 


Shielding Exercise

The simplest way to protect yourself from this sort of influence is a psychic shield. This may be tricky to do at first but (my shield never quite did what I wanted it to) but once you have tried it a few times, it will get easier. In your mind, picture a blanket of energy surrounding uour whole body. Try to see the energy covering you and keeping you safe. Keep it there as long as you can and keep practicing. Once the shield stays where you would like it to (and when you would like it to), you can add more layers and make it a more complex shield. You should start to feel more relaxed in situation where you might be under threat and as a result you will be able to deal with them better. 

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