Heart Chakra


Element: Air

Colour: Green

Verb: I Love 

Attributes: Love, balance, relationship, communication. 


The first three chakras relate to activities in the physical world whereas the final three above the heart chakra relate to internal aspects of the physical world that rule the mental realm. The fourth chakra, located over the heart is the balance point between the two – the duality between the mind and the body. 

The heart chakra is associated with the element of air and quality of love. Air is formless and the least dense of the four elements and mostly invisible. So is love – love is the expansion of the heart. Love is balance and forgiveness. The love at this chakra is felt at the state of being. In contrast to the desire centered passion of the second chakra, this love exists independently from any object or person. The Sanstkrit name for this chakra is Ananahata, meaning ‘sound that is made without any two things striking’. This describes a time when we no longer fight what we love but accept it and move with it in harmony. 

If this chakra becomes too closed, we can suffer physically, for example breathing can become shallow and we feel our physical energy is low. If the heart chakra is too open, we may give of ourselves too freely and be so focused on others that we forget ourselves. If this is the case, the shielding exercise I mentioned earlier will help you to get a balance between yourself and other people. Another exercise that may be useful is the following: 


Exercise for the Heart Chakra

From the grounding position mentioned above, begin breathing into your kegs and send the charge of energy up your body, move your hips and back to aid this. When you can feel the energy and the lower chakras feel connected, begin to form an arch with your body (please only try this if you know it won’t harm you physically – I am definitely not doing this one as I can’t bend backwards). Finally raise your arms and tilt your head backwards. If you are holding the position correctly, you should feel a vibration in your chest. 

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