Crown Chakra

Element: Thought

Colour: Violet

Verb: I know 

Attributes: Information, knowing, understanding, and meditation. 


The word ‘Sahasrara’ means ‘thousand fold’ and represents infinity, this chakra has no limits in its scope. The element for this chakra is thought, this is the chakra in which we store and retrieve the information to the lower chakras. The crown chakra is most significantly characterised by a quality of ‘withinness’, in contrast to the external manifestation of time and place that is associated with the other chakras. The idea of withinness is a means of reaching a dimension which has no time or place, for example the experience of being in a meditative state and feeling as though you ‘went elsewhere’. 

In this chakra, we study the consciousness its self. Our lives are shaped by the experiences we have and within this chakra is a personal web of information within our minds. It is our belief system, our world view and our perception of our surrounding. 

I dislike the metaphor of the chakras working as a computer but it is useful to understanding the significance of the seventh chakra. If we think of each chakra as a disk that processes the information relevant to the particular function, we can identify the crown chakra as the overall operating system for this. The thoughts that begin here manifest into physical things that shape our lives. 


Exercise for The Crown Chakra

First ground yourself and once you have done this, begin to concentrate on your breathing. As you concentrate on your breathing, start to let your mind wonder. If you do get an image that is distressing or upsetting, return to concentrating on your breathing and re-centre yourself into the earth.     

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