Oat Milk. Plastic free, dairy free and oh so good for you.

In our quest to become plastic free I started looking into alternative milk products, since there’s no dairy milk delivery where we live. I’ve discovered delicious, dairy-free oat milk and I’m thrilled with it. It’s easy to make oat milk at home, and that’s what I’ve been doing. 

When I looked for an oat milk recipe online, most of the recipes I found called for oat groats, which don’t seem to be available in my area, and many called for cooking the oats, which I didn’t want to do, preferring a raw “milk” and a simpler recipe.

So I tried my own somewhat adapted version, and am very happy with the results.

The best part for me is that I could never have imagined being motivated enough to eliminate cow’s milk from my diet, even though I knew it would help my skin (dairy always makes me spotty) and be good for me in other ways. But this easy-to-make raw alternative “milk” is so delicious that I do not miss cow’s milk at all! I like my oat milk better!

My oat milk recipe is very simple, which is one thing I love about it. Because, while my other half and I are committed to eating healthfully, I don’t have untold hours to spend in the kitchen. We cook our food ‘from scratch’, but we do it simply.
This recipe doesn’t take long to make. An added and very important advantage for me is that rolled oats are something I can get organicly from one of our local whole food shops. 

Here’s my recipe.

Raw Oat Milk Recipe

Yield: About 1 liter

Equipment needed:
A Muslin cloth or fine mesh strainer. I’m sure there’s proper strainer bag things, but I had a baby two years ago so we still have a surplus of muslin squares lying about. 


9 to 12 tablespoons rolled oats (You can use oat flakes if you’re out of rolled oats.) this depends on how thick you like your milk. I tend to use around 1tbls : 100ml
Approximately 1.25 liters good quality water, room temperature.

Optional Addition: Dried, unsweetened grated coconut (This can replace some of the oats or be added to them, depending on your preference) if you can find any plastic free.

Vanilla extract

Both of these things I happen to have in the back of a cupboard, and both are packaged in plastic. 
What to Do

At least several hours before(or the night before) you’re going to make the oat milk:

1. Place the oats, (and coconut or vanilla extract if you’re using it),  in a large bowl, pour the water over them, and give it a good stir.


2. Let them soak in the refrigerator for at least several hours or more; overnight is fine. Mine usually soak all day or all night, but sometimes less. The length of time doesn’t seem to be a big deal, but they do need to soak for some time. It seems to me that the longer soaking time results in a tastier final product.

If you’re using grated coconut, let it soak right along with the oats.
When you’re ready to make your oat milk:

3. Pour the contents of the bowl into the blender and blend for several seconds, or until it’s all blended up. I don’t have a big posh blender, so I use a hand blender and it works fine, although can be a bit messy. 
4. Place a muslin square into another bowl and pour the contents of the first bowl into it carefully, and strain it through the muslin and into the bowl. This involves squeezing, kneading, squishing, and/or ‘milking’ the bag. The idea is to get all the liquid through the bag, leaving only what’s left of the solid oats inside.

5. Your oat milk is now ready! Just pour it into clean glass container, cover, refrigerate, and enjoy! 

You’ll see that after it’s been in the fridge for a while, your oat milk will separate. There’s nothing wrong; all you need to do is shake it up before you use it. Just shows how natural and homemade it is! Enjoy!
Final thoughts

I know this must sound ridiculously simple and even vague (“blend for several seconds”), but that’s because it is ridiculously simple! There’s a lot of leeway in almost every aspect of this recipe, from the quantity of oats you use to how long you blend it to what you strain it with.
In fact, the first time I made oat milk, I wasn’t sure of the quantity of oats to use and used more rolled oats than I do now. I filled the jar about 1/3 full of rolled oats and then filled it up with water. I didn’t get oat milk, but I did get a luxuriously creamy ‘oat cream’. It was delicious!

All that to say that you can simply experiment with the quantity of oats till you find out the consistency you prefer. Have fun!

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